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Tikhon Petrov
Tikhon Petrov

Preschool Sacramento

Oak Park Preschool, Inc. is a primarily state-funded preschool in Sacramento offering quality early childhood education to 2 to 5 year old preschool students. We believe that each child is special and that all members of the family are involved in raising the child to become a well-rounded and respectful individual.

Preschool Sacramento

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The Salvation Army of Sacramento's Alhambra Preschool is a quality Early Care and Education Program committed to bringing excellent child care and education to families who live and work in Oak Park, Downtown, South Sacramento and surrounding areas. We provide year-round, full-day, affordable preschool and child care for children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Providing children with a high quality and continuity of care. We staff each classroom with an early childhood professional. Many of our staff have degrees in Early childhood education, hold a California teaching permit and have years of experience teaching preschool and working with families. We also have staff who are fluent in Spanish.

With two locations in Sacramento, Little Blossom Montessori School is an independent learning environment and preschool for young children that follows the unique education theory propounded by the Montessori Philosophy. We work year round and with children of all ages and needs.\u00A0

Ms. Cindy was born in China. Before joining L'Academy preschool team, she enjoyed helping her son and daughter-in-law to raise their twin boys. When her son's family moved out-of-state, she realized that she missed the joy of witnessing her grandkids' growing progress. So she started units in Early Childhood Education and working with preschoolers at L'Academy.

Ms.Cindy loves working with children. She is especially excited to see their growth day by day. She likes to inspire them with puzzles and is constantly amazed by their learning ability. She is proud to be working in a language immersion preschool and being able to teach children her own native language: Mandarin.

Miss Kathy's Child Care is a provider of preschool education in Sacramento that serves the city, as well as Elk Grove and Laguna. The owner provides a positive and safe environment in a home setting, and she offers a range of quality learning materials that encourage the students' mental, emotional, social, and physical development. Miss Kathy's Child Care participates in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Child and Adult Care Food Program, and it serves nutritious meals and snacks.

Tiny Tot Time is a is a preschool in Sacramento that accepts potty-trained children aged three to five years. The center offers morning and afternoon classes, and the program for the older kids prepares them for kindergarten. Tiny Tot Time provides an array of activities, including field trips, and the regular schedule features circle times, indoor learning, and outdoor plays. The staff advises parents not to send popcorn, whole nuts, grapes, or carrots because these snacks pose choking hazards.

St. Mary Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Preschool will be closed on all major holidays as outlined in the Preschool Handbook. In addition to these holidays, it may be necessary to be closed for staff in-service days and building maintenance, which are subject to change. The preschool director will provide advance notification of these days as they occur. Withdrawal is permitted at any time with a two-week written notice. If no written notice is provided, tuition will be charged as usual.

We provide a directory of free preschools in Sacramento, California. The list includes VPK, Head Start Programs and other government subsidized schools. There are also thousands of local non-profit organizations that provide free preschools. See all Sacramento County California Free Preschools.

My name is Du Willson and I get to be theDirector here! The FNS teachers and Iare excited to offer a warm and nurturing environment that promotes thephysical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of yourpreschool aged child! We believe thateach child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growthso our staff uses their knowledge of best practices in early childhoodeducation to create a caring, engaging environment. The lessons and activities the teachers prepareencourage and challenge a child to explore, experiment, problem solve and make decisions.

The Early Learning Department provides services to early learning program directors, leaders, and educators from county offices of education, school districts, preschools, and early learning programs in Sacramento County and the broader ten-county Capital Service Region. The department focuses on preparing young children for success in elementary school and beyond through the support of high-quality learning environments and opportunities. The department staff provides professional learning, on-site support, technical assistance, and resources to early childhood/school readiness administrators and staff. The department also facilitates communication and collaboration among early learning educators and providers.

If, based on information provided on the interest form, you are eligible for the program you will be pre-qualified and a preschool office specialist will contact you to schedule a meeting. At the meeting families will complete the status application and provide proof of income. The state application is the official document used to verify income and determine eligibility. If you meet all qualifications, a preschool enrollment packet will be provided and you will be asked to provide additional documents. You must meet all requirements in order to qualify for our program.

Buses that burst into flames Sunday outside an Elk Grove preschool were likely ignited by people attempting to steal gasoline from one of the vehicles, Cosumnes Fire Department officials said Tuesday.

Parents and caregivers need access to good information in order to make informed choices about both the availability, quality of the childcare and affordability that they select for their children. Learn what First 5 Sacramento is help the child care/preschool workforce and parents.

This program prepares students to operate early care and education programs within their own homes. The courses listed exceed the course requirements for the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing. Students may wish to learn more about specific age groups by enrolling in additional courses focusing on infancy, preschool, or school age children.

OLA preschool offers effective, engaging interactions and environments that set up the child for success.It is our belief that children are successful when meaningful learning occurs.Our goal is to prepare students for Kindergarten and beyond.

The preschool offers two large, age appropriate classrooms, both kids-only and adult-only bathrooms. There is also a large enchanted garden area with natural play structures to foster learning through imaginative play. Ample opportunity for gross motor-skill and mind development is provided to foster the whole child.

Muck and Wonder Farm School is a parent participation preschool for children 2 to 6 years old. We are a community of children and their grown ups celebrating the beauty and taking on the challenges each day brings.

Growing Bright Preschool (GBP) was created to meet the needs of our community. We are very hands-on and dedicated to our preschool. We truly believe that we have assembled the best teachers, highest quality curriculum, and perfect learning environment for children. Our children attend our school and loves them as much as we do! Our door is always open, and we love hearing from our families. We look forward to helping your children grow bright along with ours at our preschool!

Providing dedicated service to the community so children can have fun and feel loved while learning. All our staff are chosen for their education, prior successful experiences, and most importantly, for their love of children. Growing Bright offers a wide variety of infant, toddler, and preschool programs designed to educate children ages infant to 5 years old. We serve families in Sacramento and surrounding areas. All programs are educationally based, engaging, and most of all fun! Our school features nutritious meals & snacks, excellent parent communication, amazing facility and the BEST teachers. Everything we do at our learning center is designed to educate children. 041b061a72




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