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Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker

Cartel Funkytown Video !NEW!

Funkytown or Funky Town is the name of an infamous viral video in which a cartel execution is carried out in a room, with the song "Funkytown" being audibly heard in the final 10 seconds of the 2:50-minute-long video. The shock media itself is believed by many to be one of the worst gore videos spread around the internet over the years, with the backstory of it reportedly being a cartel capturing a rival gang member and injecting him with adrenaline while they tortured him to keep him awake during the pre- and post-video acts. Similar to No Mercy In Mexico, Funkytown is commonly referenced in discussions and memes online, prompting people to look it up.

cartel funkytown video

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His hands are completely missing, with bloodied stumps remaining at the wrist for both of his moving arms. A cartel member using a sickle then goes up and begins to cut into the guy's neck to attempt to decapitate him. This causes the now visibly still-alive man to make gurgling sounds and attempt to move to his left and escape.

Additional cartel members appear from offscreen, with one wearing a white and blue polo shirt, and they correct him onto his back again, this time with a pole being fixed into his mouth past his still-visible teeth, as a box cutter is then applied to his neck. At this time, the track in the background changes and "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses begins to play. The box cutter begins cutting him and an offscreen member decides to skip the song before Axel starts singing, with "Beat It" by Michael Jackson having the opening note clearly audible.

On February 14, 2021, a video titled "Hi" was uploaded to by user UzeeeT. This clip is yet another drug cartel gore video but has an eerily similar setting to FunkyTown. In the video, some cartel members decapitate a man and play soccer with his head in a familiar-looking, white-tiled, mostly empty room. It's possible that the people behind FunkyTown are also behind this video. It's also possible that there are more murder videos out there that take place in that same dreaded room, filmed by the murderers who made FunkyTown.[2] 041b061a72




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