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Tikhon Petrov
Tikhon Petrov

Billy Fury The Sound Of Fury Rare [UPD]

This CD of Billy Fury's final concert, which took place at the Fiesta, the Sunnyside, in Northhampton in December of 1982, isn't too much better than a bootleg in quality. The indistinct sound, drawn from a variety of audience tape sources, is a problem, but Fury was just strong enough a singer to carry the 47 minutes of music here despite those shortcomings. He goes through his own hits, among them "Halfway to Paradise" (marred by considerable distortion) and "I Will," as well as covering Elvis Presley's first single, a rendition of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's "That's All Right," and he finishes with "Johnny B. Goode" -- there are no credits for the bandmembers backing him up. A second bonus disc consists of rare demos from late in Fury's career -- the voice is still very powerful and even old chestnuts such as "My Baby Left Me" seem fresh in his hands; he fares less well on country numbers like "Wedding Bells," and the poor audio quality of certain songs, such as "Heartbeat" make this disc, likes its companion, only suitable for hardcore fans.

Billy Fury The Sound Of Fury Rare

If Larry David is the patron saint of the white privilege of the extremely well-off, Ben Stiller is the muse of directors probing the self-absorbed discontent of the middle class white guy. In Brad's Status, Stiller's character Brad Sloan is taking his son Taylor on college interviews and visits, but the real journey is that of his mid-life crisis. Long envious of what he imagines to be the debaucherous lifestyles of his more financially successful classmates, a series of events has unleashed the full fury of his envy, sparing no one, not even his son, a musical talent who is interviewing at prestigious Ivy League schools.

It never went [as] mega in America. It went big in England. It exploded when the Pistols did that interview with [TV host Bill] Grundy, that lorry truck driver put his boot through his own TV, and all the national papers had "the filth and the fury" [headlines].

Mr. Billy's fury was unbounded when helearned that Madame Angèle's calf was eatingup and trampling down his corn. At oncehe sent a detachment of men and boys to expelthe animal from the field. Others wererequired to repair the damaged fence; whilehe himself, boiling with wrath, rode up thelane on his wicked black charger.




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