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Mohenjo Daro Full Movie Download Hd 1080p ((BETTER))

but the film isn't that bad. not only ashutosh, his core team seems to have been at work. starring hrithik roshan and pooja hegde, mohenjo daro is being touted as the next 3 bridges. the movie is touted to be more like a cg fantasy film rather than a historical drama. hrithik roshan, clearly enjoying the ride as the 'hero', fits in all genres with ease. hrithik's hair and attire reflect his complete assurance in the film. pooja hegde is equally effective and bold in the film. her looks speak volumes. she seems to be completely confident of her role in the film. arunoday singh, who is presenting his most polished performance, is equally convincing and efficient. he too looks completely confident and at ease in this film.

Mohenjo Daro Full Movie Download Hd 1080p

also, ashutosh gowariker and his team should be appreciated for their efforts in making the technical aspects of the film consistent. ashutosh gowariker, whether it was a historical or fantasy film, had always been known to rely heavily on his technical crew for making his efforts impeccable. the film has the similar touch of the icon and the same technical effort put in by a team of professionals must be appreciated by the audience. but, the screenplay, by the director is the killer here. a film like this would have been interesting if it had a great screenplay. mohenjo daro's screenplay is a waste of time and energy. it is extremely clumsy and tiresome. poorly written and poorly structured, the film drags and fails to convince.

the film also has good points. ashutosh gowariker has always been a fan of strong women. ashutosh gowariker has shown time and again that he cannot make a film without a strong and beautiful woman (like interiors and heera's roses to mention two). the film is such a love story with a strong woman in the lead. ashutosh gowariker could have taken a leaf out of rohit shetty's book of successful films like aashique and dil dil pukar (even though the way the relationship with his leading lady is drawn in mohenjo daro is different) and, at the very least, made the relationship comfortable. if he had taken a leaf out of rohit shetty, the film would have been a roaring success. but the director, ashutosh gowariker didn't do that. the director could have made such a smart use of the material, that he could've made a good film. mohenjo daro could've gone a long way. but ashutosh gowariker didn't even make a good film with a good material. he barely made something out of nothing. a slightly interesting experience, a certain disappointment too. if there is one thing we can say about this film, it is this. ashutosh gowariker should sit himself down and prepare himself to make films like mohenjo daro.


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