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Tikhon Petrov
Tikhon Petrov

Scary Mobs And Bosses 1.18.2

Scary Mobs And Bosses Mod (1.18.2) adds small structures that contain scary bosses, which will drop weapons and tools with certain abilities. Scary entities and new bosses in your Minecraft world, with new weapons and tools. Now the bosses are summoned, for this you must get the materials and craft the summoning blocks. Each boss will drop a fragment (9 in total) when you put them together on the crafting table, you will get the necessary fragment for the final boss. Do not summon the bosses near your base, it will be chaos!!!

Scary Mobs and Bosses 1.18.2

The goal of Mowzies mobs is to add in a variety of fictional creatures into Minecraft. They also state that they pride themselves on the unique AI, environmental and atmospheric appropriateness, and standard-setting animations. This mod adds in several mobs which are considered to be bosses, and we will be talking about two of them.

Nameless Trinkets is a mod that adds Trinkets (like a form of jewellery) to Minecraft; each has unique abilities. Trinkets can be found all around your world; they can also be crafted and equipped in a special equipment slot provided by Curios to be used. Most use the Trinkets slot, but others may use other slots, such as the charms slot. Different ones have different abilities. They seem to have very good or infinite durability.The trinkets have their tab in Creative mode. You can see most of the trinkets there. If you hover over one of the trinkets in your inventory, you can press shift while hovering over it to get a description of what the individual trinket does. Here is a list of some of the best trinkets in the mod.The Missing Page has a 25% chance of dealing up to 20% damage to mobs within 25 blocks. Reverse Card reflects damage to mobs which hurt you; it is a bit like a Reverse Uno card.Experience Battery makes levelling up give you more XP.Experience Magnet attracts experience to you.Ghast Eye gives you regeneration whenever you kill a mob.Broken Anhk is similar to a Totem of dying, but you can use it more than once within 30 minutes.Explosion-proof jacket gives you TNT when hit by an explosion and reduces the explosion's damage by 30%.True Heart of the Sea makes it so you can breathe water, but not air, swim 300% as fast and let you mine 300% as fast as usual.Reforger repairs items over time. Wooden Stick acts as a shield with a 300-second cooldown.Sleeping Pills are fan suggested by JayOnline_ and make it easier to see in the dark and protect you from phantoms, but you cannot sleep in beds.Mysterious does random trinkets. Electric Paddle makes boats go twice as fast and gives you Deja Vu.Sigil of Baphomet gives you 1 second of immunity from damage after killing a mob, and it can be accumulated for up to 10 seconds. Fertiliser makes plants around you grow.Moonstone reduces gravity and makes your jumps take longer to come down.Ice Cube slows down your enemies and makes the water you walk in turn into ice.These are just some of the many trinkets that can be found in Nameless Trinkets, and there are many more for you to find and use with different abilities. Some of them come with drawbacks, so they should be used strategically. They are easy to swap out with another that you own, so holding more than one can be helpful in some instances. Many do percent-based effects, which can help you deal with bosses from mods with huge bosses with massive amounts of HP. The mod requires Curios for the custom trinket slot, but some of the trinkets require ExpandAbility, and it is strongly suggested you also install this mod. 041b061a72




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