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Tikhon Petrov
Tikhon Petrov

Wrong Hole.7z.003

Don't get me wrong, this is by far the best game in my opinion (from the gameplay to the story, and the design of the female characters). I cannot wait for the next updates in the future. There is no doubt about the other games from this author if there will be any, count me in!

wrong hole.7z.003

So I successfully updated the MAC build to current version but to the point of previous Mac build, what I mean, it's still might need starting from MAC terminal. BUT! I did get some help directly from GameMakerStudio2 Developer and some pointers regarding that. I will need to spent some more time on it, figure out what's wrong and maybe then we will finally have a full and working for everyone mac build.

An admission: I can't recall if this was something that affected just